About The News Spy

The beginning of The platform

The News Spy wasn’t built in a day. It’s the culmination and result of years’ worth of hard work from a passionate and dedicated team.

The platform started out as a simple idea. The founders asked themselves, if commodities like gold continue to grow year on year, then why aren’t most Americans investing in them?

It’s a great long-term growth strategy that wasn’t being used by the average Joe. They wanted to know why, and they wanted to address the problem.

It started out as a bit of a social experiment. The founders set up interviews and questionnaires related to the investment industry. These questions were specifically aimed at the working class so that they could gather relevant information.

Graph on Tablet

Graph on Tablet

They expected to hear that the biggest reason people weren’t investing was because of financial barriers. When the result differed from this expectation, they were shocked.

What people were saying was that money wasn’t the biggest issue with investing, but accessibility was.

People, even those interested in trading, just didn’t know how. There was a clear issue with the selection of trading platforms on offer, and the founders saw this as an opportunity

Recruiting a Team

What started off as a little social experiment turned into something much bigger. They became passionate about making trading more accessible to everyone. They felt that it was a travesty that people were being turned away from trading because of the inability to access the platform on their

An obvious solution presented itself. They needed to develop a platform that was accessible to the everyman. Thus, the first notion of the platform was born. The founders had plenty of knowledge and experience in the trading world, but not so much when it came to programming. They knew what the platform needed but not how to actually create it.

They made the decision to put together an initial development team to help them bring the platform to life. There was no shortage of interested parties during the interviewing process. There were countless programmers who were passionate about what the platform was trying to achieve, and the team felt truly grateful for that.

Unfortunately, though, there was only so much place on the team. After a rigorous screening process, it was narrowed down to a handful of professionals. Programmers were brought on board, and the platform took off.


The development process was long and difficult. Not only did the team need to get a functioning platform off the ground, but they also needed to make it work. The team split off into two departments. One was responsible for the front-end and UI of the platform; the other was solely focused on the development of the trading features.

This decision to split the team into two ended up being invaluable. With everyone now focusing on more specific goals, work flowed much more efficiently. Eventually, they got to a point where a beta version of the platform became available, so the team brought in a few testers to check how the platform was performing.

The feedback was incredibly encouraging. There were still problems to be worked out, of course, but the platform was performing well beyond the team’s expectations

The Final Stretch

Following that initial testing, the developers continued to roll out updates and iron out the overall user experience. Most of the developing time in 2019 was dedicated to that. The platform was getting ready to be launched in 2020 when the pandemic hit. Needless to say, this put a massive roadblock in the development timeframe.

The team wasn’t discouraged, though. They moved the project entirely online and continued to work to the best of their abilities. This brought the platform to where it is now. Their perseverance has paid off, big time, and the platform is now available to the general public.

There’s still a lot that the team wants to do with the platform. Their goal is to get as many people into trading as possible, and they’re not going to stop trying to achieve that goal.

If you want to be a part of the growing movement that the platform has brought about, then you can sign up and start trading.