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The New Spy is here to provide you with an opportunity to earn money, become successful, and lead the life you’ve always wanted. We don’t require large deposits or charge fees, so you can be successful with a little investment. This is your chance to make it big in the world of cryptocurrency trading. Don’t delay and risk missing out here. We’ve got the tools to help you!

Why Choose Us

Ease of Use

Our tool is available to do all of the work for you. Therefore, it’s easy to use and saves you so much time. You don’t need to be experienced or study a ton of news each day to make the right choices.

Dedicated Analysis Team

Our analysts have been working for many years to create this money-making experience. We’ve analyzed every single news report throughout the world to ensure that our content is the best possible upon delivery. This information keeps you a step ahead of the cryptocurrency markets, so you’re sure to see success and amass a fortune.

News Intelligence Hub

We combine news-collection needs and have human analysts on staff to ensure that our system’s performance is unmatched. The New Spy has grown to be from decades of experience in the trading world. Therefore, it’s what you’ve been waiting for.

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The best part of this whole thing is that you can use The New Spy regardless of where you are. If you’ve got an internet connection, browser, and about 20 minutes each day, you can achieve success as never before.

The sign-up process is straightforward, and you can start using The New Spy right away for free. Trade without even thinking about it!

No knowledge of cryptocurrencies and trading strategies are needed to enjoy wealth and affluence. Sign up using any device, and you’re well on your way to success.

The News Spy Registration Process

You are here, so we are sure you’re interested. Now, it’s time to jump in headfirst and sign up for an account.

The process for signing up is quite easy. We only ask for your name (first/last), phone number, a password, and email address. In fact, we can generate a password for you, making it even easier. Once you’ve confirmed your email, you can sign in and start using the platform. We recommend that you take some time to get familiar with it so that you know where everything is.

Then, check into the parameters and learn more about them. We’re here if you have any questions, but things are straightforward here. Still, you’re welcome to spend as much time as you need to get comfortable with everything. When ready, just deposit your minimum amount (or more if you want) and start trading. Change the parameters if you wish to, but they are set to the preferred default for beginners.

As you make profits, you can withdraw that money or reinvest it.

Advantages of Choosing The New Spy

Here are a couple of reasons why people choose to join The New Spy:

  • Free support for life
  • Only $250 initial deposit
  • Plug-and-pay; you join, sign in, and can start immediately
  • Website and web-trader are secure
  • Withdraw your money when you want
  • Automated trader software
  • Runs using any device
Don't take our word for it
Let's examine real time events, how they were spotted by The News Spy
software and team and how the market reacted accordingly
12:00 am
Google will ban all cryptocurrency-related advertising

Google is cracking down on cryptocurrency-related advertising.

The company is updating its financial services-related ad policies to ban any advertising

Spotted by The News Spy
1:00 PM
The News Spy Alert of expected down trend
Market Reaction
2:00 PM
The News Spy Alert of expected down trend
12:00 am
Cryptocurrencies DON'T risk world economies, Mark Carney tells G20

CYRPTOCURRENCIES do not pose a risk to world economics, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has insisted in a letter to members of the G20. Mr Carney, who is chair of the Financial Stability Board (FSB), resisted calls from some G20 members to regulate cryptocurrencies like bitcoin

Spotted by The News Spy
1:00 PM
The News Spy Alert of expected up trend
Market Reaction
2:00 PM
The News Spy Alert of expected up trend


While you’re on our website, we hope that you feel comfortable enough to join. This allows you to change your situation and earn more money. Still, we realize that you might struggle with some aspects of the software. Consider looking at our FAQ section for answers to questions you might have. It might help you understand more about the website, auto-trader, and help you see the potential.

You may also email us directly if you have a question we didn’t cover. We want you to spend time learning about the software, and that requires you to get answers when you need them.

What Hours Might I Expect to Work with this App?

Many people think that this is a hard job because they’re expecting to pay close attention to all market fluctuations. However, we’ve set up the algorithm to handle all of that for you. Therefore, you don’t really do much or need to know trading tactics and strategies. In fact, most members work 20 minutes a day, though it can take a bit longer when you’re learning the system. You want to focus on the percentages and what they mean so that you can make informed decisions later. In less than one hour, you’re set up for the trading that day. Just set it for automatic mode and let it run while you do what you need to do.

Does It Cost Anything to Utilize the News Spy Software?

Our proprietary software is designed only to be used with The New Spy website. Once you’re a member, you gain access to this software for free. There are no licenses to pay for, and it can be used on a tablet, computer, smartphone, and other devices. Fill out our form on the top of the page and become a member now.

Is This Like MLMs or Affiliate Marketing?

No, our website and auto-trading software are nothing like MLMs and affiliate marketing schemes. It’s designed to help you trade cryptocurrency without knowing the markets or having a lot of experience. With a very high accuracy rate, it’s possible to make profits most of the time.

Are There Fees Required?

We don’t charge fees or hide anything from you. You aren’t required to pay any broker fees or commission. Any money you earn and deposit is completely yours and can be withdrawn anytime.

Of course, we cannot speak for your banking institution. It might take time to process the request on their end and ensure that the payment is in the account. Consider calling the bank for more information.

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